The pleasure of an espresso

Always excellent taste and quality
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Coffee is a choice of taste, a warm gift. That’s why the heart of every Universal package is quality.

The careful selection of the raw material is the first step of a journey that goes through the study of the product’s characteristics and its manufacturing process aiming to enhance the uniqueness of each blend.

Tradition is combined with the use of the most innovative technologies: the result is a various, inimitable range that stands out for refinement and elegance in its taste: "The generations change, the values ​​remain." (by Ms Francesca Paolucci Camiscia).

Universal keeps intact the quality that has made its coffee a leading product on the market over the years. Each line is designed to coddle coffee lovers. With the moka at home, at the cafe’ counter, at the end of your meal at the restaurant, or at the vending machine, either powder, pod or capsule, your coffee will always be a fantastic experience.

The Blends

Unique in flavor and fragrance

Caffè Camiscia

These are the most traditional blends, the ones with family name. The coffee is selected according to strict standards and goes through a processing system that abides the raw material, for a sober and extremely pleasant taste that makes it suitable for every moment of the day.

Caffè Universal

Meant for professional coffee machines usage: perfect coffee beans for a rich and full-bodied blends with a balanced aroma to make coffee a real moment of pleasure either at the cafe or the end of your meal.

Caffè Royal

If you love coffee you will surely be seduced by this selection of Arabica best qualities. Very soft on the palate, exquisitely delicate in taste yet intense in the aroma, it gives personality to the essence of coffee.

Caffè Charme

The name says it all, it's charming! An absolute innovation that satisfies those who are fond of traditional coffee but have the curiosity to try the flavours of the world. Accurate selection of raw materials for a blend with an exquisitely contemporary taste.