With you, always


We work with you

If you have chosen for your coffee bar a coffee machine by Universal, be sure the Universal team will always be at your side. Prompt assistance, 24/7, because we know, as well as you do, how important it is to be always impeccable in customer service.

We guarantee constant maintenance over time to keep your coffee machine always at the highest levels of efficiency. Our team of extremely expert and trustworthy personnel will take care of your coffee machine in order to have a final product of excellent quality.
Universal is always with you, from the processing of the coffee beans until when you will offer your customers a cup of coffee. The plus will be your talent.
And if your coffee machine “complaints”, just give us a call and we will sort it straight away.

Universal is close to its customers even abroad: our dealers, in fact, attend highly specialized courses including technology and equipment. They will be ready to face any need. Support and advice anywhere, like you've never had.

Perfection in a coffee machine

Quality and style

Synchro T2

Quality and style. Universal offers coffee bars and restaurants the opportunity to choose high range coffee machines particularly suited for the variety of its products. Royal Synchro T2, branded Universal, is a particularly reliable machine with technical features that make it a functional tool for any professional need. It is possible to choose from a wide range of models, different in size and technology. Machines from 1 - 2SB - 2 - 3 - 4 groups are also available. Its heart can be completely electronic, with a programmable keyboard, immediate and intuitive, semi-automatic with a button or semi-automatic with a lever for those who prefer to keep some manual skills.

The boiler is made of copper with a thermo siphon circuit. It comes in eight sizes, from 4 to 27 liters. The groups can be either of the conventional thermo compensated or ring type. Leading technology with refined and modern aesthetic that fits easily into the style of any classic, modern, luxurious or shabby chic venue.

Four pairs of colors are available to complete the quality of the offer: very luminous white and bright blue, classic and charming red and black, , black and white for those who love essential elegance, yellow and white for those who want to stand out. Whatever the choice, the result will always be perfect.

Not only coffee

Something else

Machines for soluble

For the mixing of soluble products with hot water, such as barley, ginseng and guarana, here comes the Universal branded machine for soluble: compact, practical and professional.
Its essential design and its small size make this machine suitable to match furnishing of any style. Extremely intuitive in use and practical in its functions, this machine is available with double and triple dispenser to be used in several preparations at the same time.

The softness of the mousse

An absolute greed dedicated to those who love the softness of coffee. The Universal coffee cream machine offers a product that stands out in taste and consistency representing a plus for your venue. The see-through box is also an extremely simple and elegant piece of furniture of great impact. A pleasant opportunity to enjoy a sweet and refined break.