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fifty years in a coffee bean

Scent of home and distant lands. Hospitality, kindness, friendship and family. The story of a fifty years old family held and developed into a coffee bean. The war had just ended when at the bar counters and on the tables of the Abruzzi people the first espresso cups began to bloom with a rich and silky drink, the outcome of Camiscia family artisan roasting. In the early sixties, when the world longed to revive, Universal Caffè banners - the "manifesto" of the bet on Mr Raffaele Camiscia’s future - began to blossom on the new restaurants’ doors. Born from a smart intuition, today the company is represented by a woman, Ms Natascia Camiscia who has turned a simple coffee bean into a contemporary symbol of virtuous economy and progress.

"The best masterpieces come from nature. We simply learned to exalt their taste".

 Natascia Camiscia


earth and heart

Based on Ms Irma Di Saverio Camiscia’s words: "Helping others makes us better people", the company is a model of liable enterprise that looks at the world. Universal bean is a seed of growth, responsible for the people and the communities that are taking care of the raw material in their own land. Since 2007, the Abruzzi Company has purchased also Fair Trade coffee, thus contributing to the improvement of the working and living conditions of small farmers' cooperatives. Universal intervenes on the territory, economically supporting the realization of schools and facilities required in the area. To Universal the earth is a mother, a heritage of sustainable growth, which must be kept alive and usable over time. For us today and for the next generations tomorrow.


all the thrill in a coffee cup

Those who love coffee know its deep roots; share a philosophy that binds together taste, style and times of life. It is the same philosophy that Universal adopts in the choice and processing of the raw material, enhancing the essence of a product treated by applying new technologies to an artisan tradition. Following the path traced by Ms Natascia Camiscia: "Every day to the test to face the challenges of an ever changing world". The common work of 50 employees, in a factory that develops in an area of over 15,000 square meters, brings Universal coffee in 1,500 activities in Italy and many others in the rest of the world, with an offer born to satisfy every taste declination. Each cup becomes unique, like the person to whom it is meant.


all the coffee culture in a Master's degree

Those who love coffee know that to make it "live" you have to know how to enhance its qualities, how to define the peculiarities of each different blends and how to boost the raw material. Universal Coffee Academy was born to teach you all this and much more. Our Academy is the reference point for those who want to study in detail the coffee world from the production of the coffee to the marketing, covering step by step the whole supply chain from the plantation to the cup going through the economic aspect and management of the activity. The relationship with the customer is also important as the culture of quality is spread through interaction. And for those with a creative talent there is the Latte Art, where science and inspiration come together for an aesthetic result of great impact. Find all this out with us!


good because made with love

Universal chooses only "clean" beans, selected in plantations that do not use fertilizers or chemicals. The whole range of organic products is accompanied by the Icea certification (Institute for Environmental Ethics Certification). Proud to sink its foundations in the Abruzzo green region of Europe, Universal has a guaranteed security standard.

Universal was among the first companies to adopt the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 1998. Such recognitions allow a structured company organization to create a product that stands out for being in its simplicity a small luxury that accompanies every moment of the day with love. "It’s not about what we do, it’s about how we do it!” – Mrs Natascia Camiscia.

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