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  • Barista:
    a proper profession

    That’s why…

    A barista is a special expert, the core of a universe that keeps improving and evolving together with its consumers and their tastes. Customers’ requirements and demand are changing and so is the relationship with them. Being up to date with the coffee world evolution is fundamental to perform at your best.

  • Coffee

    A real path for professionals, not only from a technical point of view, but also from that of consulting and relationship with the customers. From the theoretical outlines of the coffee world to practical activities, updates and insights to constantly monitor the changes in a constantly evolving sector. From business knowledge to accounting skills: all the instructions to do your job in the best way.

  • Customer

    Manual skills are an essential element for a professional barman, but what matters the most is having a suitable response and the right solutions to every and each need together with an excellent customer care.

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